What is Reality?

Caught this on BBC the other week and i’ve watched it about 19 times since then.

So much goodness!
I totally love the theory that everything we know is just a hologram being projected from some two dimensional surface at the edge of the universe. Wouldn’t it be great if that proved true?
And why did no one ever tell me about the double-slit experiment? So these teeny electrons KNOW when they’re being watched? They know! The implications of this are insane- insanely awesome.
So do things come into existence as we look at them? Is our universe what it is just because we’re looking further and further into it? Are we actually making it ourselves?
I’ve had a basic understanding of Schrodinger’s cat before now, and i’ve always enjoyed thinking about that ‘if a tree falls and no one hears it…’, thing. Imagine if those things are true? They really could be! Score.
Things like these make me wish I had spent more time actually paying attention to Philosophy when I studied it for two years at St. Andrews. And now I feel bad about calling it ‘philoscopopy’ for those two years, because I couldn’t spell or say ‘philosophy’. Surprisingly, I was a star student and averaged about 80% across my various philoscopopy courses…
… For kicks, I’ve just looked up the word ‘philoscopopy’, to see if it actually means anything, and it turns out it doesn’t.
But how kudutastic is this? ‘Phylloscopus’ is a word. Not only is it a word, but it’s the scientific name for the warbler family. So technically, ‘phylloscopopy’ should refer to the study of warblers. If ‘ornithology’ didn’t already cover it…

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