Why go Jogging, When You Can Go Twirling Instead?

I live in the countryside. It’s very dark at night. I’m trying to get healthy so i’ve been running a lot over the last few weeks. I only run at night so that no one can see me, and I avoid the main roads, so that only leaves country lanes and footpaths.

Whenever I go, I end up running face first at full speed into farm gates or stone walls, or I fall into mud puddles, trip over rocks, slip on horse poo, get snared in hedges, etc… It’s not very fun.
But tonight I cracked it. I can’t see where i’m going, but no one is around to see me either.
My iPod shuffle is currently loaded with Johnny Clegg and Glee songs. So tonight, after half an hour of ordinary walking, I started mouthing the words a little. Then my hands started going (i’m a geek by the way, so it’s okay), then I started skipping. Then maybe a little twirl here and there…
Before long, I was a cast member in Glee. I was Johnny Clegg’s backing dancer. I was totally rocking out.
I still ran into the same walls and fell into the same hedges, but I had the time of my life doing it!
Tonight I ran all the way to Port Erin, which is the nearest town. I wasn’t ready to come home, so I ran to the next town. Then I danced along the beach. Then I skipped down the dark lane home. Then I got home. Then I ran back to the beach and twirled back up the lane again. Pretty awesome for someone who has struggled to find the motivation to walk a hundred meters to the end of my road.
So this could be it. I may have found the secret to finally getting healthy and loving something I previously saw as a chore. JOY. Glee. Not only that, but this is yet another way that I can embrace my utter and absolute dorkiness and my crazy beautiful love of life.
Spin, dance and twirl under the stars and smile and raise your hands at the sky 🙂 Love love love.

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