This Could Really Be A Good Good Life…

Happy Happy Happy.

So today was a non-windy day! This never happens and the best way to celebrate it was to go and sit on a cliff, because you can’t do this when it’s windy, because you will be blown into the Irish Sea and get very hurt and wet.

So I went for a good long walk across many fields of sheep in search of the perfect cliff to sit on. I was hoping to see some sheep wearing knitted jumpers or discarded hiking shoes but didn’t see any.

But I did find the most perfect cliff. I kicked off my lovely aubergine Hunter wellies and sat there for the whole afternoon, singing, thinking, listening to seals, smiling, laughing, birdwatching, sending love across the sea and into the world and taking goofy self portraits.

I never let myself listen to music at times like these, but today I had my iPod with me and snuck in a quick listen of ‘Good Life’ by OneRepublic. It was perfect in the moment. Watching Gannets fly by.

“When you’re happy like a fool, let it take you over. When everything is out, you gotta take it in.”

I went back to the parking lot to watch the sun set. The seagulls hadn’t eaten the bag of Marks and Spencer beetroot crisps that I’d left open on my front seat, which was something else to be thankful for, given it was one of those days when you can’t help but leave all of the windows and sunroof open.

How fortunate I am to have days like this! It won’t last forever. Live in each moment. Love.

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