Newest Kiva Loan!

Well, if you’re going to sell flip flops in Togo…

…I’m going to support that!

This is Warama. She’s my third Kiva loan. This week, my previous two Kiva loans made enough money that I could finally ‘reinvest’ in someone else.

Meet Warama….

“Warama is a 48 year old woman. She is married to a retailer. She has 3 children. The oldest is 30 and the last is 18. Warama has worked as a retailer since 1975. She sells traditional dresses and shoes to everyone at the market. She buys her stock at the big market. She works alone. Her principal difficulty is the competition.

Warama has requested her third loan from WAGES in order to purchase dresses and shoes. She wants to extend her activity. Over the next few years, Warama would like to expand her business. She says that with the benefits, she plans to make her family happy. “

I was more than happy support ‘WAGES’ with another loan. I love their policies and outlook.

As of today, Warama is still trying to raise the money she needs:


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