In Recovery

May 13 PM

The Kalahari sky is looking a little stormy tonight and it’s meant no drives. I’m itching to get out there tonight! Storm or no storm. I want to be sharing my park! Itch itch itch.

But I got to walk a lot today and I look like a complete idiot, but I can’t walk past a stand of Silky Bushman Grass without running my hands through it and sighing.

I’m rather ashamed. I’ve spent the last 17 hours of my life re-watching Season 6 of ‘Lost’. Why I watched it the first time around is beyond me, but why I watched it for a second time, while in the Kalahari when there are much better things to do?

My lunch was terrible. I’ve discovered that Maize-based pasta is disgusting! No amount of cheese sauce could disguise it. Spend the extra R2 and buy actual pasta.

And it seems to be Mother’s Day again! I’ve very confused. Wasn’t it just Mother’s Day? My message to my mom back in the UK read something like, ‘Umm… people here seem to think it’s Mother’s Day but I don’t think it’s Mother’s Day because wasn’t Mother’s Day a few weeks ago but if it is Mother’s Day then happy Mother’s Day again but if it’s not Mother’s Day then try and have a great day anyway…’. I miss my mummy. She’s eccentric and weird and wonderful and I love all of the things about her that used to embarrass me.

This was my day.

May 14 

I’m off! I truly don’t know what to do with myself.

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