Reflections on a Lovely Day…

May 1

I’ve spoken before about the remoteness of this place and how it makes you appreciate everything you have. Every opportunity, every apple, every moment is yummy.

So today I went to town to do a big momma shop. It’s been nearly three months since my last trip and while I had enough food to keep me going for another month or so, my body was shouting for a few fresh goodies

And today I went all-out. I don’t yet know what i’ll do with 6kgs of flour or 35 packs of tomato paste, but it’s good to have around. I also bought my first spice- garlic. I might even start adding flavour to my food.

I’m starting to develop little shopping day traditions. Like having a chocolate crunch ice cream waffle for Breakfast at Wimpy and my soya ‘Goodie Burger’ at Spur with double cheese. Today I was joined for burgers by a good friend, whose refreshing, straightforward outlook on life filled me with joy and promise.

End the day with a doughnut from Wimpy because it’s the cheapest thing on the menu and  I only go to Wimpy because I want to use their bathroom. Try finding another bathroom in town!

I even found a hairdresser! She likened my hair to biltong, but she did a great job, so i’ll definitely be back.

And on the way home, I saw an Aardwolf! That merits its very own post.

Whatever is living in my roof sounds like it’s getting comfortable.

The results of a ‘big momma shop’. Should keep me going for a while…

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