That Day

May 13


I woke up with a piece of Butternut stuck to my face. Must stopped eating in bed.


I dug out these lyrics last week, because they sum up how I feel- all happy and hopeful and contradicted. I don’t even know what the song is trying to say, but i’m loving it right now. It could be about toasters, but whatever it’s about, i’m probably not emotionally mature enough to get it. But I hear the words and I think, ‘yep, that’s me’. After yesterday’s little upset, the words are even more profound.


So here’s some words from ‘That Day’ by Natalie Imbruglia. It’s from a long time ago.


That day, That day

What a mess what a marvel

I walked into that cloud again

And I lost myself

And I’m sad, sad, sad

Small, alone, scared

Craving purity

A fragile mind and a gentle spirit


That day, That day,

What a marvelous mess

This is all that I can do

I’m dying to be me

Sad, scared, small, alone, beautiful

It’s supposed to be like this

I accept everything

It’s supposed to be like this


That day, That day

I lay down beside myself

In this feeling of pain, sadness

Scared, small, climbing, crawling

Towards the light

And it’s all that I see and

I’m tired and I’m right

And I’m wrong

And it’s beautiful


That day, That day

What a mess, what a marvel

We’re all the same

But no one thinks so

And it’s okay

And I’m small and I’m divine

And it’s beautiful

And it’s coming

And it’s already here

And it’s absolutely perfect


That day, That day

When everything was a mess

And everything was in place

And there’s too much hurt

Sad, small, scared, alone

And everyone’s a cynic

And it’s hard and it’s sweet

But it’s supposed to be like this


That day, That day

When I sat in the sun

And I thought and I cried

Cause I’m sad, scared, small

Alone, strong

And I’m nothing and I’m true

Only a brave man can break through

And it’s all okay

Yeah, it’s okay


So sweet, can you feel it?

Are you here?

Are you with me?

I can feel it

And its beautiful


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