May 27 Sunset Drive: Depressed Ducks and Kalahari Sushi

Tonight’s sunset drive started with the four Cape Teal Ducks that have been hanging around the local waterhole for the past week. I’m still yet to see them with their heads up. While the Cape Teal isn’t a weird vagrant bird here in the Kalahari, it’s still an unusual sight. I can’t help thinking that these ones think they made a mistake and they’re keeping their heads down hoping to wake up in some Botanical Gardens somewhere, where people will feed them and there aren’t any leopards. I’d love to say that these four particular ducks add colour and life to Kalahari game drives (because who doesn’t love ducks) but they look genuinely depressed to be here. Next time I see them, I hope they’ll have embraced their situation and be shiny, happy puddle ducks. Maybe they’ll learn to Love Kalahari.


They really do look sad…

I also learned something new from my guests tonight. The constellation ‘Lupus’ is between Scorpio and the Southern Cross. I went home and checked and sure enough, there it is, being tickled by a guy who looks like a horse. In the Middle East and Africa, the wolf in Lupus was seen as a leopard instead. It’s awesome that there was at least some sort of universal consensus that this blob of stars was an animal. All I see is stars.


Where Lupus is…

Later when I was describing how Spotted Eagle Owls like to hunt from the middle of the road, another of my guests likened the process to a sushi bar. Love it. Love it so much. So the Eagle Owls sit there and watch as mice and shrews come and go and the owl chooses what it wants from its little ‘conveyor belt’ of goodies. Kalahari sushi.

It was a really beautiful night tonight and so special to just sit with the lights and engine off and try to believe where you are…

Tonight’s Sightings:

African Wild Cat
Bat Eared Fox
Cape Fox
Scrub Hare
Spring Hare
Cape Teal
Tawny Eagle
Kori Bustard
Spotted Eagle Owl

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