May 31: How to Avoid a Sunburnt Tongue

Today I drove for several hours across the Kalahari to get to another camp i’ll be working at for the next week. There was one thing I was hoping to see today above all else, and I wasn’t disappointed…


…Giraffes! The thing that makes everything else look normal. I really hope i’ll get to see them on my drives while i’m out here because i’m always looking for any opportunity to tell people about their tongues, which are covered in goo that prevents them from getting stabbed by acacia thorns. They’re also purple, so they don’t get sunburnt because they’re always sticking out. And they’re about 40cm long, which seems crazy, but then that’s only slightly longer than a Pangolin’s tongue.


Today’s Sightings:

Red Hartebeest
Yellow Mongoose
Black Headed Heron
Kori Bustard
Secretary Bird

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