I Leave You With Lions…

And i’m off again… Tomorrow morning i’ll be on my way up north and out of communication until the 19th. I feels like a very long time, but there’s a shop up there where I can buy Smarties, so it’ll be okay.  As always, i’ll be recording every animal sighting I have and there’ll be a big update when I get back.

For now, i’ll leave with you with three young lions I met up at a remote waterhole in the dunes last month. I had the privilege of being alone with them while they drank water and rinsed the fresh blood from their faces. And they definitely looked very naughty. Love Kalahari.




3 thoughts on “I Leave You With Lions…

  1. Peet Swanepoel says:

    Anna, seems like you’re on your way to Nossob. Never mind the Smarties but sure as I’m alive, you will enjoy (as always) the “roosterkoek”. Have fun (how can you not in Nossob???). Kind regards and love what you’re doing. Petrovski.


    • Anna Tinker says:

      Thank you! I do love that when I go up there, even for 10 days, the only food I really need to worry about packing are the things I can put on Roosterkoek, like Peanut Butter. I absolutely live on the stuff when i’m there. I’ve even set myself a Roosterkoek budget for this trip…

      And it seems that up north a few weeks ago, they had a night drive quite similar to the adventure we had back in February! I could be in for some fun with lions… 🙂


      • Peet Swanepoel says:

        Moose, thanks for mentioning the February adventure with the adament lions outside TR, I will nurture that for the rest of my life. Have a safe and exiting drive to Nossob tomorrow. Looking forward to read about your experiences up at my most loved place on this planet. Regards and love to all up there. Petrovski


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