June 18: Strange Things are Afoot in my Kalahari…

Wow. Odd things are happening in the Kalahari this week. Yesterday morning before dawn, i’m woken by strange noises outside. I flip on the light expecting to see my garden porcupine and instead I find Africa’s largest antelope, an Eland, standing at my front door and peering into my kitchen. And tomorrow, they’re forecasting SNOW.


By the time there was light for a photo, my pet Eland had moved down the street.

And tonight’s sunset drive was just as weird and wonderful.

First up was the African Wild Cat who pulled off the perfect hunt for us and caught a mouse right by the vehicle.  That was to be the first of SEVENTEEN Wild cats tonight.

At one point we stopped for another WIld Cat, only to find it was with nine others. A whole herd of ten Wild Cats. And none were ducklings either. Ten adult African Wild Cats. I couldn’t believe it and I don’t think i’ll ever see it again. Pretty good going for a solitary cat species…

Another thing i’ll never see again? A perfectly posed Cape Fox. Moments later, it’s joined by a perfectly posed Polecat. They were like BFF’s. Every now and then, the Polecat stopped to dig. So it may be that their beautiful friendship was based on exploitation, the same way a Jackal scoops up mice that escape from a digging Honey Badger. I even took a photo.


This is going to be one of my favourite photos. Best Friends Forever.

Oh, and then a Brown Hyena ran across the road in front of us.

Love love love Kalahari.


Brown Hyena
Cape Fox
Bat Eared Fox
African Wild Cat
Black Backed Jackal
Whistling Rat
Gabar Goshawk
Kori Bustard
Black Chested Snake Eagle
Black Headed Heron
Barn Owl
Spotted Eagle Owl

2 thoughts on “June 18: Strange Things are Afoot in my Kalahari…

  1. Anna Tinker says:

    Thanks Sue! I certainly tried for a photo while it was actually in the garden, but they all came out black…

    Those wild cats were so interesting. They were all doing things as well- running about and chasing each other into trees. Love…


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