Safari Philosophy: could you ever leave the camera behind?

Ask yourself: Could you go on a safari and NOT bring a camera?

This is an idea i’ve been exploring a lot (too much) recently and i’d appreciate your thoughts and opinions here…

If I had my own safari company, i’d love to try leading a ‘camera-less’ safari. It sounds a little loopy, but the idea comes from experience and personal observations i’ve made in my time as a field guide, which i’ll go into at a later time….

Me in 2009… Very much extremely attached to my camera. If you’d have asked me to leave it behind, I would have hit you on the nose with it. Photo by Kate Piscator on our Kalahari adventure.

So the ‘camera-less’ safari…. It’s not for everyone, but let yourself think about it. Would you ever do it? Could you ever do it? Why? Why not? What could you gain? What would you miss?

Could you ever leave the camera behind?

Thoughts please! I’ll write a blog post about it in the future…

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