June 23: Any excuse to say “Wild Green Hair Tree” out loud…

The sightings tonight were fairly similar to the sightings last night, but it was considerably colder and we didn’t have the total abundance we’ve become used to. But it was a rather good introduction to Kalahari life for the new student guides who have just arrived. Having students on the truck tonight gave me an excuse to point out the stand of Wild Green Hair Trees on the sunset drive route. Any excuse to say ‘Wild Green Hair Tree’ out loud. Could there be any better name for a tree than ‘Wild Green Hair Tree?’. Never. I’m completely in love with Wild Green Hair Trees. If Wild Green Hair Tree was a person, he’d be awesome and live in a VW microbus somewhere and smile and wave at passers-by.


African Wild Cat
Bat Eared Fox
Cape Fox
Pale Chanting Goshawk
Verreaux’s Eagle Owl
Barn Owl
Spotted Eagle Owl

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