July 10: The Meerkats are Back!

We had a morning drive this morning. Morning drives are somewhat of a rarity around here and it’s always nice to see some of the animals that we can’t see on a sunset or a night drive.

To begin with, it was -8 this morning and I struggled to see through the truck’s icy windscreen. I’d scrape it off, and then have to breathe again, and the condensation would freeze as well.  Until the sun rose and began to warm the lovely red Kalahari sand, we didn’t see too much. But when we did…

A photographer’s worst nightmare: Photo taken through a frosted windscreen, into the sun, with a blade of grass carefully obscuring small meerkat. Love.

The Meerkats are back! Meerkats will use a den site for a while before they exhaust the local food supplies and their burrows are hopelessly infested with little biting bugs. When it’s to much to bear, they move on to another den site within their territory. My favourite meerkats have been away from their den by the roadside now for a few months, but today they were back!  Welcome home, dear Meerkats (with a gestation period of 65 days).

Morning Drive Sightings:

Ground Squirrel
Whistling Rat
Pale Chanting Goshawk
Verreaux’s Eagle Owl
Kori Bustard
Red Necked Falcon


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