July 21: Love Cape Town

And now for the first time in nearly six months, i’m not in the Kalahari! I’ve seen green things today.

Yesterday was a day of roadtripping, watching the Kalahari fade away. At first, it filled up with Quiver Trees, then those were replaced by some little orange flowers, before the whole place became the Karoo and eventually the Cape.

The long road trip begins….

Still Kalahari…

And still more Kalahari…

The enchanting town of Springbok

Somewhere south of the enchanting town of Springbok

I do have a thing for Quiver Trees.  They’re not really trees; more like a fabulous giant aloe plant. They work well in the dry parts of the country, because they’re like giant water containers. One ‘tree’ can hold up to 100 litres of water! And i’m happy to announce that Quiver Trees are NOT going extinct, as was once thought. They’re  actually thriving according to the latest issue of Wild Magazine. I don’t have to get all teary when I see them anymore! Long live Quiver Trees.


I also passed through the town of Pofadder for the first time, fulfilling a life long dream of mine. Okay, not really.

Pofadder. Dreams come true.

You know you’re close to Cape Town when it’s rainy

And now i’m here in Cape Town wondering when rain will cease to be this exciting! I’m thinking never. It’s water and it falls from the sky! It’s totally awesomesauce. And it makes rainbows. Love rain. Love rainbows. Love Cape Town.

Sunshine, rainbows, puppies etc…

(All photos on this trip were taken with my phone. There’s a sticky smear of Stoney Ginger Beer and some cookie crumbs on the lens, hence the general cloudiness. I had my camera with me, but it was heavy.)


Black Eagle

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