Vanishing Species

She looks dreamy now, but this leopard’s peace didn’t last long! With her in this tree was a Springbok she’d killed in the night. It was always bound to attract attention. A few minutes later, a Brown Hyena drawn to the scent, showed up and investigated the base of the tree. Despite what is commonly believed about Brown Hyenas, given the chance it would have challenged the leopard and stolen her kill. They’re much bolder than they’re given credit for! In the end, the hyena scent marked a blade of grass nearby and left the leopard alone to her daydream…

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2 thoughts on “


    Annie, you are the
    first ranger to give us these fantastic updates. Please keep it up, we love it! Cant wait to book for end of Sept next year. Greetings from George, Cape Province.


    • Anna Tinker says:

      Thanks Rozanna! You’ll have an amazing time 🙂 I’ll keep on posting cool little facts that you can bring with you when you come next year!


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