An Accidental Indian Ocean Sunrise…

So this morning, I got up deliciously early with one objective in mind. I wanted to go and chase (and photograph, maybe) ghost crabs. I didn’t know what a ghost crab was until I arrived here at Thonga Beach Lodge on the pristine northern KZN coast yesterday. I’d heard the name, but not met the crustacean in person. And I’m in love. Madly, wildly, crazy in love. I’m sure there’ll be more about ghost crabs to come in future posts.

Every time I tried to photograph one, they quickly tunneled themselves deep into the sand or caught the next wave and vanished. Probably because they knew I didn’t really want to photograph them; I wanted to hug them and squeeze them and love them forever. Smart crabs.

Anyway, the best I could do was this:


ghost crab… legs

What I wanted to do, was this:

ghost crab… legs

 And I accidentally glanced up while chasing crabs, and saw this:

sunrise over the Indian Ocean…

There’s nothing quite like discovering something new that gives you boundless joy. What’s your ghost crab? Go find it today. Love.

2 thoughts on “An Accidental Indian Ocean Sunrise…

  1. Richard Joy says:

    Catching ghost crabs.. Creep up as close as possible before they take flight, scoop up big double handful of sand and throw on crab in smooth motion, they usually stop, maybe thinking they’re safe under the sand, then quickly scoop up sand + crab. This has worked many many times, my mum taught me this as she was from Barbados and an avid crab catcher!
    P.s doesn’t hurt crabs!


    • ellacraine says:

      I love it! I never managed to sneak up on any of them. They’re so fast! I’m kind of falling out of love though- didn’t realize they sit and wait for sea turtles to hatch and then come along and eat THEM ALL…


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