Sleeping under the stars.

This. If you can have just one moment of this in this life. This is why our souls need safari… – Safariosophy.

Bearded Naturalist


In beautiful silence the faded orange  flames danced to the silent rythm of my wild heart as I lay down in the cool sand in peace. The sky above me was a deep dark blue with thousands of stars scattered into a formless shape effortlessly reflecting the thoughts drifting through my mind.

In the distance the call of a freckled nightjar is carried across the dark sky by a gentle breeze and the faint rustle of the leaves of an ancient mashatu tree assures me that I am not alone.

My breathing is becoming slower, deeper with the passing moments slowly removing all relevance of time. The soft yellow glow of two fireflies catch my attention, so I lazily watch the pair engrave patterns of light into the darkness surrounding me.

I realise I am happy. I am at peace. The flickering light from the small fire holding back the…

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