Yoga Rhino

It’s about time I shared Yoga Rhino. Because he’s got this crazy little hold on my heart. And you deserve to see him. Can’t keep rhino-shaped hotness like that hidden away, can we?

Years ago I vowed never to work in another game reserve with rhinos.


Because you fall in love.  

And love sucks. But here I am. 

On safari you see the same rhinos day after day; learning their personalities, giggling at their weird little quirks, marveling at that giant, prehistoric thing stuck to their faces. Every day you watch them fight over mud holes, have babies, scratch an itch on a sickle bush, mow their grass patches with their funny lips…

Then one day the rhino you’ve fallen for is gone.

It’s real. My guests always find it impossible to believe that rhino poaching can happen within the very ‘civilized’ place they’re on safari. It seems so otherworldly that it can’t be grasped.

Yoga Rhino keeps me afraid. He disappears for weeks or months at a time, then pops up again, gives me that grumpy look I fell so hard for and disappears again, leaving me scared.

If you get to see a rhino on safari, love them. Love them fiercely, because you never know when it’s the last time.


too hot to handle…


the Yoga Rhino ‘look’


Yoga Rhino, not appreciating the sunrise. he’s far too grumpy for that…

cute t-shirt design via Save the Rhino

Hoofnote: ‘Yoga Rhino’ is an awesome book title. It’s already happening…

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