It was a good sunrise. And we got to spit on rocks. And see lions.

This morning. And all with good people. Love. Not many words needed here.


This morning’s game drive sightings.


HIPPO! (Yep, really)





White backed vulture


Red duiker

Lions (like, exceptional lions)



White rhino

–I need to thank my guests. I have lovely, lovely guests at the moment. They give the day some light without even knowing it.

–And wow. The etiquette displayed by the twenty or so other vehicles in our exceptional lion sighting this morning. Everyone worked together to make sure that everyone else witnessed something incredible. Thanks to all involved. Proud to be part of the Hluhluwe community today. “Toto, we’re not in Pilanesburg anymore…

And last night…

When the world is on fire, try and see the beauty in the flames. It’s there. X

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