Mmmmm… Waterbuck-alicious

waterbuck at sunrise. looking good. and tasty.

It’s still something I hear guides saying often; that waterbuck don’t get hunted because they taste and smell nasty.

Oh really? Because that’s a little too convenient. 

Waterbucks do taste and smell pretty awful. They have glands in their skin that secrete some really noxious stuff when they’re under stress. But if you think that’ll stop a lion, then y’all don’t know nothin’ ’bout lions…

Lions are super gross. I once watched over the course of two months, a big male lion eating a rotting hippo carcass. As round as the hippo himself, this lion sat there forever, guarding that hippo and its deliciously rancid remains for weeks and weeks.

A waterbuck with slightly bad B.O.? That’s nothing to a lion.

you look concerned… you should be concerned…

Hoofnote: Waterbuck post with no mention of freshly painted toilet seats. Because really, when was the last time anyone EVER painted a toilet seat? Think about that.

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