Warzenschwein y’all!

As I’m currently on a totally unplanned trip to Germany (thanks white wine and credit card…) I thought I’d celebrate the one and only German word I know.

Warzenschwein. Warthog. I’m a safari guide, what did you expect? But really, it’s the best word ever. If you say it out loud right now, I promise it’ll make your day. Or just shout it out.


I often get my guests to help me out with German animal names, so here are a few others, which are pretty rad:

Nashorn: rhino

Lowe (there’s an accent over the ‘o’): Lion

Nilpferd: hippo – a personal favourite

Gepard: cheetah

And a few not so rad German translations:

Elefant (although kudos for just using the ‘f’ rather than the ‘ph’)



Sadly, I’m thousands of miles from my hard drive and my photos, so instead of a warthog I’m posting a thrilling photo of a pillar inside Frankfurt airport.

Love Safariosophy 

Oh wait, I’m not done!

And a photo of the sun rising over Italy this morning. I couldn’t just give you a pillar.

Warzenschwein fact: when you see them down on their ‘knees’ eating grass and roots, they’re actually on their wrists. They would look super weird if they could get down on their knees. It would be like us walking around on our shoulders. Big mobility fail.

Ugh, I SO wish I had a warthog photo for you. But I don’t. Here’s another gloomy airport pic:

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