It’s Global Tiger Day!

And if you’re only going to read one thing about it, please read this.
Last week I was approached by the lovely people at The Outdoor Journal to give a few tips on what we can do every day to save the tiger.

What. Wait?

African safari guide. Tigers.

I’ve never seen a tiger before.

So rather than talk about something I don’t know, I spoke about something I do know – ethical safaris.

I love the finished product. Six things we can all do to save tigers.

But not just tigers. Everything here applies equally to our safaris and our lions here in Africa.

And any excuse to preach about plastic water bottles!

Love it.

So go! Click click click. Share share share…

Save the tiger AND THE WORLD at the Outdoor Journal

Massive thank you to the Outdoor Journal for letting me be a part of this one. Love.

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