Down the Trapdoor…

It’s still ‘go go go!’ here and I’m always looking to steal 10 minutes to communicate with your beautiful souls. So I’m sneaking in another quick ‘photo’ post. Wait for it….

… with actual CAMERA photos!

Yep, I have photographers on my current safari and in a bid to understand, I dug out my camera. Literally dug out. I couldn’t find it in any of my drawers or in any of my bags and eventually found it under the seat of my car, buried beneath some old KFC burger boxes. This dates its last use back to my pre-vegetarian era, at least 6 months ago…

10 megapixels of pure 2006 HOTNESS

And I kind of loved snapping away at stuff. Got Impala pictures and crested guineafowl pictures.

But what I enjoyed the most, was putting my camera in the face of this trapdoor spider…

gorgeous close up. what pretty teeth…

Trapdoor spiders are fabulous ground dwellers who build silk lined burrows closed up with a cork-like trapdoor. They wait for something to walk by and… ‘Boom.’ Disappears down a trapdoor. You don’t want to know what happens next, but it involves stabbing, venom and sucking innards out.

Their venom is harmless to us, no different to the other 99.99% of harmless spiders in South Africa. Her species? Stasimopus robertsi. Spider book. Win.

isnt she lovely?

It’s the girls who live down the holes. And if you could see the complexity of the perfectly crafted, round holes you’d see why. Little spider homemakers. Love.

proud of her home. and she should be.

I couldn’t find out too much about trapdoor spiders, other than the fact that local people sometimes feed them to their hunting dogs to give them special powers. Hmmm.

So that’s it for now. It’s almost 6am and I’m off on another safari. The camera might even come along. Are we entering a new age at Safariosophy? 

taking pictures of people taking pictures is just about my favourite thing ever.

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