Photo of the Day: The Tiny Elephants of GoPro

So we can establish that a cheapish GoPro is never going to take award winning photos, but what it does just right is capture wild moments.

I don’t want to forget this evening; the night this gorgeous family came bounding down the road, their pace and excitement building as they reached this waterhole.

Can you imagine how much water an elephant needs to drink each day? It’s a lot. A big one can drink upwards of 150 litres in a day; not always the easiest feat in a place as thirsty as Hluhluwe-Imfolozi. 

So it makes sense that as they near a waterhole after a long day, they go a little loopy. I would too.

This photo was snapped after they’d quenched their thirst and their matriarch was leading her loves away. The GoPro makes them look rather tiny and far away, when they were actually right next to the car. Honest. GoPros smallify elephants. Fact.

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