Rain, Rainfrogs, Plagues and Eyeball Lickers

the adventures of grumpy frog…

So here’s yet another reason why it’s kudutastic that we don’t live in medieval Britain. Because the plague isn’t a good enough reason. Because the plague is awesome. Plague!

Let’s imagine it’s 1318 and we’re experiencing an eye issue. We’ve been to visit a medical professional and we’ve been diagnosed. With an eye issue. We already knew that when we consulted him in the first place. Diagnosis in place, the treatment process goes as follows…

Step one: Medical professional locates frog.

Step two: Medical professional licks frog’s eye.

Step three: Medical professional immediately licks patient’s eye.

Step four: HEALED! Heck yes.

I see a problem with Step Four…

this is my island in the sun.

But any excuse to post a pic of this sweet Bushveld Rain Frog sitting outside the office on this rainy Sunday afternoon. Cabin fever. I think. That’s why I’ve spent half the day chasing frogs around. Love.

Hoofnote: Bushveld rain frogs mate by gluing themselves to each other. Their size mismatches aren’t conducive to traditional froggy ‘clasping.’

kwa zulu natal’s frogs are the happiest.

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