Salt and Other Gunk

Isn’t she a hottie? Last night I’d just finished up with a very kudutastic turtle walk (as in, I actually got to show my guests a nesting turtle and it was totally awesome and probably counts in my top 4 life experiences.) And then it was midnight and instead of walking home via the office, I thought I’d walk along the beach instead. And I found this girl up on a dune contemplating laying some eggs. A sweet sweet Loggerhead turtle. And I sat alone with her in the dark on that dune for more than an hour. And I got just a little bored. Because as majestic as a sea turtle is, they go about their nesting very very very very very very very very very slowly. And I’d already spent the last three hours watching turtles dig in sand and it was 3.5 hours past my bedtime. So before I left her to get on with it – very very slowly – I snapped this shot of her face gunk. 

Sea turtles are constantly secreting salt and other gunk from their eyes. You would too if you lived in the ocean and didn’t do eyelids. So when they come onto land, they’re way out of their element and continue to secrete salt and gunk. Makes them look like they’re crying. They’re not. It’s salt and gunk. Love.

There’s more turtleish stuff to come. When I have time for internetish stuff. Which I don’t have. Because of turtles. Live each day y’all.

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