Photo of the Day: Wild Chocolate Omlette

Greetings from the magnificent Kosi Forest Lodge! So I was walking in the bush at Kosi today and I found this crazy fungus. I fell in love with it because it looks like a giant, herby, cheesy omlette. And I was really hungry at the time. But fungus is a whole new realm for me and it’s very super inadvisable to go around and eat wild funguses. Maybe this one would have tasted like chocolate. Or maybe I would have died. Or maybe it would have tasted like chocolate and I still would have died. 

Don’t eat funguses.

 Except termite fungus. Did you know that termites grow their own little fungus gardens? Not only does it provide a never ending source of food for their little termite faces, but the heat the fungus gives off contributes to the termite’s complex heating/aircon systems they maintain.  And that stuff is delicious, especially when prepared with a good garlicish sauce.

Nature’s just too wild and eggy. Love it.

Hoof note: I’m away from home tonight and I haven’t got my fungus book with me. But I promise I’ll make some sort of effort to identify this little critter…

Isn’t it fabulous? And also, I’m pretty sure this is the first time that my DIY finger tattoo has popped up on social media…

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