Flame Lily and Violet Crazy

So sometimes you’re a little distracted and fractured and thinking of all the moose-poop that came from your mouth the last time you drank two bottles of wine on a beach and wishing you could delete 48 hours the way you can delete a Facebook post and then you see something wild and you’re all like ‘whoa dude, what’s that…’ and I was just driving right now at this moment (like 37 minutes ago) and this thing caught my eye and I had to stop the car to touch it and make sure it was real. It’s a flame lily and they’ve popped up all over the place now, which is pretty cool. So here. Appreciate the flamey liliness of it. It’s a beauty. Life isn’t always like this so we’ve got to appreciate this stuff at every bend in the sandy road. #littlethings. I just hashtagged a blog post. Yeah. #yeahididthat.  Be wild. I say that a lot but I mean it from the depths of this heart. #hashtag. Nothing wrong with a little violet crazy sometimes. Oh right, and here’s that flower you came for:

Holy wow.

And here, have more. Cuz they cool ‘n all.

And here’s one Instagram stylee – the last time any of of heard the word ‘stylee’ it was early 2001…

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