If Poor Quality Safari Videos Are Your Thing, Check Out This Hamerkop

Because I have a YouTube Channel! And I have done for like, 5 years.  I just don’t promote it because it’s so tremendously embarrassing.

I once started an online club for bad photographers called ‘LOGFAAN’ which stands for ‘Leopard On Ground Far Away At Night.’ My Youtube channel is kind of like a video version of that.

Here’s a preview.  It’s a hamerkop.  In Kruger.  And its wiggling around like that because Hamerkops lose their minds over frogs and tadpoles (favourite food ever) and this one is trying to stir them up in the mud.

Other reasons to love hamerkops:

  • They have the biggest nests in nature.  Like, owls and eagles will actually build their nests on the roofs of hamerkop nests. Someone once counted the sticks in a hamerkop nest. 10,000. For real.
  • They collect stuff.  They like shiny things.
  • They don’t have any close relatives.  They’re heronish, but otherwise on their own.  Taxonomically speaking.
  • That hairstyle.

I may post more YouTube videos here in the future now that I’ve discovered this ’embed’ feature.  Wild.

Hoofnote: PS: Hamerkops are better than you.  Buy the book.  It’s all there —->

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