When a Sunset Tells You All You Need To Know About Life, the Universe, And Everything.

This was the sunset I experienced tonight.

Yeah, it’s a little crooked. It wasn’t me. It was the curvature of the earth. (Or maybe the hurricane force winds that wouldn’t let me hold my phone steady.) Nope, I’m going with earth curvature. Darn you, planet.

But picture this: good people clutching white wines, Savanna Drys, neat scotch and chomping on biltong, cashews and corn nuts next to the biggest freshwater lake in South Africa while the sun sets and the sky drizzles and the wind howls, but not as loud as we laugh because we’re all in such good company and checking out terns and pipits and sharing sweet old safari stories.

If I found out tomorrow that someone had accidentally transferred 100 million rand into my bank account, I would do two things. Firstly, I wouldn’t own up to it and would never, ever tell the bank. Honesty has no place in financial matters. Secondly, I’d keep on doing the same job I’m doing now. Albeit with a better car. And a house in St. Lucia. That’s how you know you’re in the right job. Love.

So long, and thanks for all the fish y’all x

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