Just Look At This Gold Banded Forester! Look at it…

Yeah, it’s probably the most kickass of all of the kickass butterflies in this place. It’s also local to this area and this area alone. Another reason to come visit me. Gold Banded Foresters. Joy.

There aren’t a lot of birds to satisfy my cravings down on my little patch of beach, so lately I’ve been getting all high on butterflies instead, and the Gold Banded Forester is one of the ones that just smacks you across the face and makes your heart stop.

Hoofnote: it’s time to fall in love with butterfly names. Here’s a few to get you started…

Wanderers, Jokers, Pansys, Fig Tree Blues, Ant Blues, Hairstreaks, Silver Spotted Coppers, Skollies, Vagrants, Policemen, Sprites, Playboys, Rough Coppers, Pies (heck yes!) and Pirates… 

Fabulous, no?

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