Back in the Bush, Y’all. And it’s Kudutastic.

‘Kudutastic.’ Making its comeback.

Just back from a bush walk. Right now. It’s 35 degrees here. My face is still red and shiny, my heart is still racing, my hands still smell like rifle and my hair is still soaked and matted to my head very stylishly from my sopping wet hat. And no, you’re not getting a photo. 

Essentially, I’m a very, very happy bunny.

I’m a bunny in my element. It’s been a week of early morning game drives, bush walks, coffee next to waterholes, leopards in trees, hyenas calling all night – but more importantly it’s been a week of learning and the delicious new growth that comes with it. I’ve met truckloads of wonderful people and seen things I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. It’s been a week just lived to the fullest and wildest – something you really need to do in the wake of a big, stupid trauma. I’m loving it.

You know how I’m always up and down on the photography thing – is it good, is it bad, blah blah blah…? But over the past few days I’ve found myself wishing my camera wasn’t 1000 kilometers away.

Thank moose for iPhones. I used to wince when safari guests would get on my vehicle with nothing but a phone or tablet expecting to get great pictures. But technology has come so darn far in the past few years, that it really is possible. So while some of these shots are frustrating in the sense that I could have worked miracles with a zoom lens, I’m fairly happy with a couple of these images. They’ll do.

So here they are – a few photos I’ve snapped this week on my phone.

Chat soon, beautiful safariosophers.

My best moment of this past week, hands down.

Happy faces

Sad faces. Some hyenas take waiting for lions to finish eating, worse than others.

It’s like all my favorite things in one photo…

Combretum pod. These things are everywhere and they make me smile every time.

Rugged. Awesome.

Mmmm. Buffalo.

There’s a leopard there somewhere…

Yep, it’s a terrible photo, but it’s taken on a phone, through binoculars, at night. So actually, it’s some very skilled bad photography.

Coffee selfie

Sunset. There’s a rhino and a hippo here as well…

Gotta be pink.

Hoofnote: This photo post is going to need a Part 2… It’s taken like, 8 hours with a very buggy WordPress app to type a few words and upload a couple of photos and not make it look like an epic hot mess. Dearest WordPress, this is all I can think about you tonight:

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