Photo of the Day: The Milky Way (as seen from the roof of my car)

Last night I was plagued with a sniffly cold and couldn’t get to sleep. Fantastic. But after a considerable quantity of flu medication, my hazy little mind started to think, ‘Stars. I want to take pictures of stars. Coffee table Dumbledore snowflake.’

I’ve never had a camera capable of taking pictures of stars, but as you know, now I do. And I’m fortunate enough to live in this incredible place where we actually have a night sky worth photographing.

I love that the camera can see so much more than we can; that this little device can let us see right into the galaxy. Dude. That’s a bit special.

So here’s a first attempt. There’s tons of background light and no tripod involved. It wasn’t even all that dark to begin with. Also, my car roof acted as a stabilizer. Anyone who has a camera and knows how to use it will look at this and think, ‘wow, that’s not amazing.’ But whatever. I can’t wait to try this again properly, with some more professional equipment and without Codine. For now, I’m really happy with the result. And now every time I step outside my door, I can look up and know that all of this is there. What’s more valuable than that? Love.

Hoofnote: When the skies are just right, I love showing my guests the Milky Way. Yet it’s astonishing how little most people know about it! Not everyone seems to understand the shape of our galaxy; that itessentially sits like a fried egg. Because we’re nowhere near the centre, we’re on the outside looking in. That’s why it looks like a band across the sky to us. We’re looking into the yellow bit of the egg from our position in the white bit. Eggtastic.

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