The Little White Elephant of Timbavati

I’ve been trying to get a great photo of his stunning white tail for months! Thanks Nikon x

This morning we were lucky enough to spend some quality time again with the little albino elephant who lives in our corner of Greater Kruger Park.

And wow. He. Is. Adorable.

Sure, he has his obvious disadvantages. He’s wobbly on his feet and probably rather sight-impaired as well. Whenever we see him, he’s tripping over things or bumping into things or eating food that’s a bit weird. His lighter colour is also going to leave him vulnerable to sunburn. But instead of focusing on what he’s got going against him, let’s look at the weighty advantage he carries with him everywhere he goes: his family.

This super cute toddler is never more than a step or two away from his brilliant mother and has a big brother who’s got his back. And that’s just his immediate family. If he ever finds himself in trouble, he’s got aunties and cousins who’ll step right in.

Albino elephants are extremely rare and don’t often survive out in the wilds of Africa. There have been only a handful spotted in Kruger over its entire history. This little guy really is extremely special. For my guests, I make sure that they understand that he’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime safari sightings.

His life isn’t going to be easy, but right now he’s got the best support a little elephant could ever hope for. Love.

Smile, little cutie!

Eating some Mother-in-Law’s Tongue (actual plant name). Yum?

He can certainly navigate the thorns on this Acacia nigrescens…

Elephants use their highly sensitive feet to feel their way around. For an elephant with impaired vision, his feet are extra important…

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