Wildlife Photography for Ducklings: “But… But… Butt.”

“He’s beautiful!” I gasp out loud.

He’s looking the wrong way,” says the safari guest.


So here’s the confession: I rather like it when animals don’t look at us on safari.

Why? Well, it It means they’re doing what they’re meant to be doing – going about their lives without worrying much about the big metal blobby thing full of humans that’s standing right next to them. That should be our goal when we’re in close proximity to wildlife. Always.

“But… but… it’s a butt…



Your photography doesn’t have to suffer. Doesn’t that butt encourage you to be more creative? Look for wilder angles? Focus on someplace new and exciting? I can promise that there are thousands, if not millions of images floating around the internet of that animal’s face. How’s your image going to be different? How will it stand out? How will it be anything but? Butt?

I like this zebra image that I shot this morning. The sun shines right on his big rounded belly, which reminds of me of how gassy zebras are, which automatically makes me smile. The glow brings back the sunrise we had today, that cast an immense light over not only this zebra, but the impalas and the Wahlberg’s eagle behind him. And the random hyena who showed up too. It’s memories.

As a brand new baby photographer, I’m quickly falling in love with looking for that weird perspective; the photograph that doesn’t just get lumped in with the rest. And as a result, I’m finding new quirks in every animal I come across and making tons of new memories and I love it. That’s what truly matters.

Happy snapping, Safariosophers…

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