Photo of the Day: The Fires of Wildegnu

It’s been a while. Again. You guys know this happens. This time the massive gap between dates at the top of my posts is due to a fire. Okay, not really but I’m on FIRE for life right now. Woohoo! I’m on fire for the guy who keeps showing up in Timbavati with several boxes of fresh gooey Krispy Kreme doughnuts because he KNOWS ME and sweeps me off my feet; I’m on fire for this MAGICAL place – the one where I finally fit in and look forward to EACH DAY; I’m on fire for my safari guests who keep it all so FRESH and crispy and let me live out my dreams of showing them STUFF; and on FIRE for this WILD LIFE. Including this wildegnu.

The wildegnu is an exceptional beeeeeeest- like other antelopes they’re all about smell and scent marking and discovery. Have a look at this one checking out a well marked tree yesterday. We should all be this excited about sniffing a tree and learning something new…

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