Months of Tedious Camera Trapping Finally Pays Off…

Months of Tedious Camera Trapping Finally Pays Off...

For months and months now, I’ve been putting out a camera trap on most nights. And every morning I scan through countless photos of duikers. Nothing too exciting.

So today when I started flipping through the duiker photos from last night, I found that one of the duikers wasn’t alone. A serval! I knew they were supposed to be on the farm, but still couldn’t imagine them being here. But they totally are.

Sometimes I bait the camera trap with dead things (no shortage of those around here) and last night it was baited with a yellow-billed kite that we tragically found dead on the main road nearby. While plenty of duikers (and a serval, obviously) came to investigate it last night, nothing took it. So the trap is set once again. Can’t wait to see if our spotty cat comes back…


It’s a Duiker. A COMMON Duiker.

Yes it is.

I’ve been setting up a camera trap in the garden for the last week, hoping to ‘catch’ the serval that obviously visits us on a regular basis.  Thus far, the camera trap has succeeded in taking photos of me putting up the camera… and me taking down the camera.  But last night, it got a duiker!  Duikers are very common.  It’s even in their name.  ‘COMMON Duiker.’

Why this fairly pointless post? Because I should be WRITING.  And the last time I picked up my computer to write, I wrote something like,  “I’m glad my dead friends aren’t leaves, because i’d eat them all before we even got home in the taxi.”  Needs context.  You’ll have to buy my book for that.

Photos By Trail Camera