July 16: Glowy Golden Cheetahs at First Light

I was sent out to my favourite camp again, so it was up early today for the long drive north. Before the sun rose, we found a lovely Brown Hyena in the road. I absolutely love those few hours in the Kalahari before the sun comes up.

Once the sun was up, we had an incredible sighting of two cheetahs by the roadside. I quickly reached for my camera, because the scene was a photographers dream. Perhaps for the first time i’d snap something that didn’t have to be tampered with to make it look acceptable!

The cheetahs sat like statues, with the glowly golden sun shimmering goldenly on their golden coats of gold, in the golden morning light.  Description has never been my strongpoint. The cheetahs looked all shiny. When we approached, they quietly  lowered themselves and stalked off into the grass and I slipped my camera away before I had the chance to use it. I couldn’t bring myself to spoil the moment.

And after all those incredible sightings, what did I bring out the camera for? This terrible photo of some Springbokkies. Love.


Brown Hyena
African Wild Cat
Kori Bustard
Spotted Eagle Owl