Nature heals in incredible ways…

I fell crazy in love with this aloe the moment I saw it. You’ve got to admire the fact that something’s clearly tried to nibble away at it, but it didn’t give up; it sent along a layer of special protection for its broken bits. See how the light shines through? Love love love.

Leave Your Expectations…

Simply wipe away any and all expectations. As a guide, I hope I’ll show you something you never even knew existed. This place is full of them. Millions of them. And they’re waiting for us.

Don’t you love that?
When you leave here, you’ll be someone new; someone who has experienced a safari. You’ve gone off into a wild place and taken in whatever the wild chose to reveal to you at that time, on that particular day. No two people will ever live that same safari. Love Safariosophy 🙂

This morning’s game drive sightings:

Wild dogs! (I don’t think my guests really got why wild dogs are so exciting, and that might have kind of inspired this post in a round-about way…)

Buffaloes (one deceased, being consumed by lions)






Vervet monkeys


White backed vultures

Yellow billed kites