Author Interview: Writer Wednesday

Hard at work on the new book...

Hard at work on the new book…

I never disappeared completely! Last week I featured on fellow writer Elle Field’s blog, where she interviewed me about all things authory.  Here’s a little taster…

3. Whatʼs the most enjoyable part of writing?

When it all just ʻclicksʼ and flows and comes together. To me, thatʼs the most satisfying feeling – when you donʼt have to sit and spend forever analyzing a sentence youʼve just written. Itʼs the best feeling when you suddenly look up and realize youʼve written thousands of words and havenʼt even thought about it.

4. Out of all the amazing books out there, which book do you wish you had written and why?

Definitely ʻThe Stinky Cheese Manʼ by John Scieszka. Unlike a lot of people, I didnʼt grow up with it as a classic. I only discovered it a couple of years ago in a bookshop when I was book shopping for a child. I think I sat in that shop and read the whole thing! Naturally, I bought it and Iʼm pretty sure it was the best gift ever. Scieszka has the most fabulous and twisted sense of humour and itʼs not so different from how Iʼd write if I felt I had total, absolute freedom. I think itʼs completely wasted on children!

Definitely have a look at the whole interview and the rest of the blog while you’re at it.  Elle writes the only chick lit I allow myself to indulge in and I love it! Her blog is also fabulous, girly and fun.  Well worth a good visit 🙂


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Two Years Later…

Goodness me.  A lot has happened in the almost two years since I’ve touched a blog.  But the release of the follow up to ‘An Unlikely Safari Guide’ is due out soon and for the first time in two years, I have an internet connection that can handle the demands of a blog.  Isn’t ‘blog’ a great word?  Blog blog blog.  ‘I’m on the blog again.’  ‘Bringin’ bloggin’ back…’

I’ve also decided to revive my old beloved ‘Love Kalahari blog.’  You’ll find those posts here if you go far enough back in time.

So for now, while I decide what content to bombard you with, here’s a selfie.

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